Industry FAQs

What is the story behind water resistant watches and why can’t I swim with mine?

Water resistant ratings are somewhat standardized, and apply not to the actual depth you can actively use the watch but the pressure that type of watch can withstand without any movement. This applies to coldwater only, hot water can soften the rubber of the gaskets on the watch and allow water to leak into the watch. Divers watches showing water damage typically comes from 2 sources, improper battery changes and hot tubs.  Only watches rated at 200m should be used for extended submersion both in time and depth. It goes 30m- wash your hands, 50m-play around the water, 100m swimming, 200m scuba diving. Please call if you would like further information on this topic.

How is kinetic technology different from the Eco-drive that citizen watches have?

Seiko kinetic watches known also by autoquartz have a weight that shifts around while you wear the watch thereby charging up a rechargeable li-ion.  Eco drive watches also recharge a battery but they do it through solar or light power (photovoltaic cell). Both types have quartz accuracy, however, with no moving parts the solar watches are able to be produced in smaller packages and greater range of designs.